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Title 2015 Notice of Supporting Communities of Korean Culture
No Inquiry 2236 Date 2015/03/23

Notice of Supporting Communities of Korean Culture
KOFICE (Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange) is pleased to support
various events of communities of Korean Culture to vitalize their development.
We look forward to have your attention and applications until 19th April (Sun).


Supportive Subject
 ○ Korean culture related communities that regularly gather and throw events or plan activities in non-profit base. 
     Activities can be related to K-Pop, Korea Dramas Movies, Korean, etc.
 ○ Community recruitment countries are as follows (in 15 countries):
     Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Thailand, 
     the Republic of South Africa, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Turkey
     ※ Community must be based in one of above regions.


Period of Applying and Supporting
 ○ Applying Period: 23th March (Mon) ~ 19th April (Sun), 2015 (In Korea standard time)
 ○ Announcement of Selection Results: within May
  ※ It will be announced on KOFICE homepage and by representatives’ email
 ○ Supporting Period: May ~ November, 2015


How to support (the means of sponsorship)
 ○ Event budget support
  - Support 1 representative annual community events or regular base activities related to Korea culture.
  - Amount of sponsorship will be approximately USD$2,000~3,000 per each community.
   ※ Support expenses example: venue rental fee, sound system rental fee, etc
   ※ Amount of sponsorship can be different according to the event size.
 ○ Korea culture related contents support (K-Pop CD or DVD, Korea accessories, etc)


 ○ To plan a KOFICE supported events with abundant Korean culture contents to settle as a representative annual  
     activity of community.(Events must include more than one Korean culture-related main program content.)
 ○ To promote positively the event before and after by PR tools like SNS or media.
 ○ To make event official poster and promotional material.
 ○ (Important) To get KOFICE support, community must submit necessary documentaries on the selected event in
     detail according to the below process.

   - Before an event: 1) Event plan form  2) Budget plan form
   - After an event: 1) Event result report   2) Expenditure report
     ※ Event photos should be submitted separately.
     ※ All receipts should be submitted with an expenditure report.
     ※ Each report forms will be delivered to only selected communities.


Evaluation Standards

Evaluation Items


1) Size of the Community


2) Community’s Activities (Previous & Current)


3) Event Plan for 2014


4) Expected Ripple Effect





  ※ It may be favorably evaluated on 'Size of the Community' if the actual members actively participate in community.
  ※ It may be favorably evaluated on 'Community’s Activities (Previous & Current)' if the community has previous experiences in
      organizing events.

  ※ It may be favorably evaluated on 'Expected Ripple Effect' to make PR plan with media or press.
  ※ It may be favorably evaluated on 'Expected Ripple Effect' to make the event more influential by getting fund raising from


How to apply
○ Application (in Korean or English)
  1) Submit Application Form: In designated form (The attached file)
  2) Submit Detailed Activity Plan for 2015: In free form (MS Word-max 2 pages / MS PowerPoint 5 slides)
    ※ Refer to the community activities by KOFICE homepage (
○ Apply via E-mail to
    ※ Submitted documents will not be returned.


March, 2015
The Chairman of KOFICE
(Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange)